IFRDMD holds the Workshop for Fisher Women

IFRDMD recognizes the need for increasing gender awareness for its stakeholders. For that reason, IFRDMD builds capacity on women to ensure that the gender aspects are the fisheries’ routine work. Therefore, IFRDMD organized a workshop on womenโ€™s awareness to improve women’s participation in inland fishery activities to support family welfare. The workshop was held in Kampong Patin, Koto Masjid Village, Kampar Regency, Riau Province on 14 July 2022. Kampong Patin is a village popular as the centra of fish especially Pangasius processes from breeding, culturing, producing, branding, and marketing.

On that occasion, three resource people were invited to share their knowledge and experience. Ms. Sri Febdarina from Riau Tourism College explained raising the active role of women in fisheries-based tourism businesses. Dr. Trisla Warningsih, from Riau University, shared her experiences of scaling up women’s existence in inland fisheries by harmonizing ecological and economic knowledge. While Dr. Iskandar Putra, also from Riau University gave the lecture on the introduction of Eco-friendly aquaculture. There were 33 participants from Sawah Village, Hangtuah Village, and Koto Masjid Village, and 30 of them were women.

The agenda was opened by the Chief of IFRDMD, Mr. Zulkarnaen Fahmi. In his remarks, he motivated the fisherwomen to dig for more ideas and innovation, and also push their children to explore the digital market to sell their products.

This workshop also got the support from Head and the staff from Kampar District Fisheries Office. Mr. Zulfahmi, as the Head, delivered the key remarks and shared some information regarding the product of fish. He gave motivation to the women to be brave to try a new thing to support tourism village.

After listening to the lectures, the participants look around Kampong Patin, and learned directly from the stakeholders in this village. The workshop was closed by Deputy Chief of IFRDMD, Mr. Tomohito Shimizu. He thanked the active participants, acknowledged the resource persons for the valuable information, and appreciated all the people who succeeded the agenda.

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