Date Venue Event Name Organized By
January 2018
28 Jan-4 Feb Lao PDR Researcher of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD takes a part On The Activity of SEAFDEC/Training Department SEAFDEC
February 2018
26-27 Feb Viet Nam Training on Fisheries Database Management and Data Analysis MRC
28 Feb Viet Nam Field Trip of Inland Fisheries Activity in Red River MRC
March 2018
5-7 March Lao PDR Gathering Information of Activities Conducted By MRC MRC
9 March Lao PDR Field Trip of Inland Fisheries Activity in Mekong River MRC
26-30 March Cambodia IFRDMD Participate In The Fiftieth Meeting of The SEAFDEC Council SEAFDEC
April 2018
2 April Indonesia Chief of IFRDMD Attends Accountability Evaluation of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD Financial and Institutional Reports IFRDMD
18-20 April England IFRDMD Attends The CITES International Technical Workshop On The Anguilla Spp SEAFDEC, EUROPOL, CMS, Europian Commission, CITES Management, and Scientific Authority
24-26 April Thailand IFRDMD's Reseacher Attends The Regional Technical Meeting On Fisheries Resources Enhancement SEAFDEC
24-27 April Thailand IFRDMD's Staff Attends The Inter-Departmental Workshop Of The SEAFDEC SEAFDEC
29 April- 5 May Cambodia IFRDMD Implements Biological Studies For Improving The Fisheries Management In Tonle Sap Great Lake SEAFDEC
May 2018
20-27 May Lao PDR IFRDMD Conducts The Inland Fisheries Survey SEAFDEC
November 2018
21-22 November Palembang-Indonesia IFRDMD Conducts The International Conference SEAFDEC, RIIF, University of HULL, MRC, and Sriwijaya University,