SEAFDEC/IFRDMD supports the Smart Fisheries Village (SFV)

On 1 July 2022, IFRDMD, together with the Research Institute for Inland Fisheries and Extension (RIIFE), welcomed the Director of the Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources in Patra Tani Village, Muara Belida District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. RIIFE has a Sub-Institute for Swamp Fisheries in this village with a 50-ha area. The land belongs to PT.Patratani (a subsidiary of Pertamina) was handed over to the Sub-Inland Fisheries Research Center for a research pond and supporting facilities built from Swamp II funds around 1985. Initially, it was used for developing local fish, mainly catfish and mystus, and was once used for rearing local fish. It also kept marble gooby, carp, and tilapia. There is also a farming system (fish with vegetables and rice). Seeds are obtained from inland waters, which are then raised in ponds. Once mature, the fish are used as broodstock to produce seeds. Seedling is done in a controlled manner. The seed yields are partly for restocking and partially used for cultured fish.

Since 2019, IFRDMD, together with RIIFE, has developed SPEECTRA, or Special Area for Conservation and Fish Refugia, which has several functions as fish production reserves, carbon stocks, supporting food security, fires prevention, and an artificial fishery reserve. Fish sanctuaries are needed for fish to spawn, shelter, and feeding area.

Currently the area is being developed for tourism educational tourism, abbreviated as edutourism, it is a tourism activity program in Sub-Institutions to get direct learning experiences related to fisheries in swamp waters.

During the visit, the Head of the Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources Agency, Dr. I Nyoman Radiarta had thought of the idea of developing a Smart Fisheries Village (SFV) in Patra Tani to strengthen village self-reliance based on fisheries business as well as a form of acceleration of priority programs echoed by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, for the development of aquaculture villages based on local wisdom.

Smart Fisheries Village (SFV) itself is a concept of developing fishery villages and work units based on the application of superior seeds, information technology, communication and effective management, sustainability, and improving the economy, which is in the midst of the aquaculture village program and the Innovation Village or Partner Village.

The agenda was continued with the release of 5,000 fingerlings, which Fisheries Extension Officers also animated in Muara Enim Regency, and followed with tree planting.

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