IFRDMD Conducts Anguillid Eel Survey in Cagayan River, Philippines

Southeast Asia Region” funded by Japan Trust Fund VI Phase 2. The survey was conducted in collaboration with researchers from SEAFDEC/AQD, Dr Frolan Aya, and BFAR-Regional Office No. 02, Tuguegarao, Philippines, Dr Evelyn Ame.

Glass eel samples were obtained from the catch of a fyke net, set for 12 hours in the Cagayan River. Samples were brought to the laboratory for detailed observation.

Interviews were also conducted with consolidators to find out the situation of marketing movements of eels from the Philippines for local consumption and import.

In addition, interviews were conducted with women in the eel fishery to find out their roles in the eel fishery. Focus Group Discussion was conducted with 21 eel fishery practitioners to know their concern on the sustainability of eel fishery in the area.

IFRDMD also had the opportunity to discuss with the Regional Director of BFAR -Regional Office No. 02, Dr Angel B Encarnacion on eel fisheries in Tuguegarao Region, Philippines.

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