IFRDMD Attends the Workshop in Entebbe, Uganda

On 6-8 December 2023, SEAFDEC/IFRDMD represented by Mr. Andi Soesmono and Mr. Rezki Antoni attended the First Global Workshop between Regional Fishery Bodies and Basin Management Organizations for scaling up cooperation towards sustainable inland fisheries in the context of food security and nutrition in Entebbe, Uganda. The workshop was organized by the FAO in collaboration with the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) and the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC).


The workshop has the objectives to promote, discuss and establish effective regional cooperative frameworks between Regional Fisheries Bodies (RFBs) and Basin Management Organizations (BMOs) and to develop concerted approaches to integrate inland fisheries management into catchment area/basin management, especially in the context of food security and ecosystem health. The main expected outcome is an agreement to strengthen cooperation between regional fisheries organisations and watershed management organisations in support of sustainable inland fisheries.

On that occasion, IFRDMD as the Department of SEAFDEC, focuses on inland fisheries presented the scope work, focus priorities, issues and challenges, as well as the Expectations from cooperation framework with RFBs and BMOs.


A field trip was organized to visit the Kaseny landing site on Lake Victoria, to gain an understanding of the inland fisheries value chain, including existing fisheries activities and to interact with fishing communities.

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