Field Trip Of Inland Fisheries Activity In Red River, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

The Red River is one of the main rivers in Viet Nam, in addition to Mekong River. The upstream Red River comes from Tibet, China and the delta is in the northern part of Viet Nam. The Red River is an important source in providing food and income sources for the local communities. But the existence of fish in this river is reducing. Four of IFRDMD’s researchers (Dr. Safran Makmur, Ms. Sevi Sawestri, Ms. Ni Komang Suryati and Dr. Dina Muthmainnah) conducted the field trip in Red River, Ha Noi, guided by two staffs of Department of Fisheries Viet Nam in 28 February 2018. The productivity of fish in the Red River is reducing due to the impact of flood disasters and the closure of spawning areas and fish enlargement. Fishing communities along Red River are generally poor. They have limited financial resources for fishing activities. There are three fishing communities in the vicinity of Red River, Ha Noi. One community consists of around 40 fisheries households. They are freelance workers. Besides working as fishers, they also work as factory workers. The common caught fish are tilapia, common carp and shrimp. One fisher can fish 20-30 kg Tilapia, 1 kg shrimp, while common carp is rare. Type of fishing gills they used are gill net, drag net (trawl), and hook and line. Fisheries activities in this river occur in the morning (about 1:00-2:00 Viet Nam time) and evening. The caught fish will be sold to the market or wholesalers, and for personal consumption. #Dina_mth

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