Field Trip Of Inland Fisheries Activity In Mekong River, Lao Pdr

In Lao PDR, river fisheries are exploited largely by the local communities, each fishing in their area. The Mekong River and its main tributaries are important when it comes to fish migration networks; the Mekong River Basin functions as one ecological unit. Three of IFRDMD’s researchers (Mr. Aroef Hukmanan Rais, Mr. Freddy Supriyadi, and Dr. Dina Muthmainnah) studied how to develop habitat conservation/resources enhancement measures suitable for the region from Department of Livestock and Fisheries Lao PDR on 9 March 2018. Mr. Sommano Phounsavath, Director of Fisheries Division,
informed general issues and inland fisheries status in the current PDR Lao. He also presented the history, role/purpose and current situation of the land fisheries in the country.
IFRDMD interviewed a fisher named Mr. Eing and the fish collector (Mr. Kham Pood) who have been fishing in the Mekong for 15 years using gillnet and hooks. Commonly, they caught the catfish. The fish is bought by a local restaurant and consumed by his family. Besides being a fisher, Eing is also a rice farmer. In Ban Ang Gnai area, there is a conservation zone that is used as a tourist attraction. The guide used gongs to attract the fish so that the tourists can feed them. The conservation zone is built
behind the Temple, and the zone is preserved because the residents and tourists respect the Monks who keep this zone.#dina_mth

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