The Webinar for writing the scientific paper

Indonesian Fisheries Extension Worker Organization of Bengkulu Province held a webinar on 12 June 2020. The theme of the webinar was a technic to write the scientific paper. Thereafter, on 17 June 2020, the Indonesian Fisheries Extension Worker Organization of Lampung Province held a webinar regarding the simple steps to write the scientific paper for the fisheries field. The webinar was held in collaboration with Research Institute for Inland Fisheries and Extension. The researcher from SEAFDEC/IFRDMD, Dr. Dina Muthmainnah was invited as a speaker. Other speakers, Dr. Andin Taryoto (from Academia), Mr. Legono, and Mr. Fachrur Razi (the Fisheries Extension Officers), also delivered some tips on how to write the paper.
The webinar was opened by Chief of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD, Dr. Arif Wibowo. He welcomed this scientific writing activity for the development of human resource competencies. 
The webinar was conveyed by using the zoom meeting application, and youtube live broadcast. The participants came from extension officers of all Indonesian islands, researchers, and university students, with a total of more than 1,000 people. During the webinar, SEAFDEC/IFRDMD presented some quizzes and provided some souvenirs for the winners. The feedback showed that the participants pleasured to have an activity during the Covid-19 pandemic by attending the webinar since they cannot go anywhere to do their task. (MAL)

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