Survey on DNA Analysis of Anguilla bicolor in Indonesia

To get the understanding pattern of connectivity which is important for managers to figure out the stability of one population which was developed through the activities of this project, under the support from JAIF Project, a field trip was conducted to collect samples of tissues of Anguilla bicolor for DNA analysis. Sampling activities were conducted in two locations in Indonesia, namely Bengkulu April, 2-5 2018 and Central Sulawesi April 14-18 2018. In Bengkulu, the field trip was conducted by the project staff of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD while in Poso, Central Sulawesi SEAFDEC/IFRDMD collaborated with the officer of Poso Fisheries Department. This survey had been done based on the standard operating procedure on DNA sampling of Anguilla bicolor which was developed through the activities of this project.

There were 50 eel samples of Anguilla bicolor that can be used for genetic analysis in Bengkulu. In Central Sulawesi, 50 samples were obtained in the form of elver from the Palu region, 2 samples of yellow eels and glass eel samples from two different locations from Poso. 50 samples from Palu can be ascertained as Anguilla bicolor type, but 2 samples of yellow eel from Poso which is allegedly initially Anguilla bicolor but after further identification it is not Anguilla bicolor. While glass eel samples from Poso that have been in sort need further identification by using a microscope to minimize errors. The DNA analysis is being done by extracting the 50 samples from both locations. Thereafter, the results of the stock structure will be used as inputs to the Indonesia’s monitoring, control and surveillance network for formulation of a joint management plan for the sustainable fisheries of Anguilla bicolor in Indonesia.

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