SEAFDEC/IFRDMD’s Staff Attended the 18th Meeting Information Staff Program

Bugis, Singapore- SEAFDEC/Secretariat organized The Eighteenth Meeting of SEAFDEC Information Staff Program (ISP) for SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments on 10-12 October 2017. This event was done to monitor the progress and achievements in the implementation of information activities in 2017, and discuss future activities/initiatives to enhance the visibility of the Center. In addition, the meeting encouraged each department to establish its own information repository to improve access to SEAFDEC technical/scientific arcticles and publications.

The Acting Chief of MFRD opened the ceremony and welcomed all the participants that attended the meeting and said that moment had a good opportunity to discuss development of repository system.

Furthermore, the meeting discussed how to increase publication access and the viewers. And one of the way is uploading video activities in social media like facebook, twitter, and you tube. Considering to improve collaboration between SEAFDEC and other organizations, the meeting also discussed the design of greeting card, post stamp, calendar and the numbers that must printed and shared to each SEAFDEC Departments. During meeting, SEAFDEC/Secretariat presented all of Departmentโ€™s data and asked to all of the participants to clarify the data. Each representative of Departments, presented about the progress of institutional website and repository system. The meeting also discussed about communities, sub-communities and the items in repository system.

In the last day of the meeting, the Chief of MFRD attended the meeting and discussed the review of the meeting and Acting Secreatiat General SEAFDEC decided that SEAFDEC/TD would be the next host for the next ISP Meeting 2019.



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