IFRDMD team conducts a survey in Riau Province

IFRDMD team surveyed in Riau Province on 16-20 February 2022 under the project entitled Management scheme of inland fisheries in the Southeast Asian region, sponsored by Japan Trust Fund VI Phase 2.
The team visited the Department of Fisheries of Bangkinang, Kampar Regency, to update data and information of inland fisheries in Kampar River. The team also visited the Fisheries and Marine Faculty of Riau University on 16 February 2022. The discussion regarding the view of inland fisheries in Riau Province and the subsequent collaboration in affirmation to complement sustainable fishing in the future between the dean, lecturers and staff ran smoothly.
On another occassion, IFRDMD team had a chance to visit Kampong Patin in Koto Masjid Village to get information on aquaculture, postharvest, stakeholders, and gender. Moreover, IFRDMD grasped the sanctuary features and information of local wisdom in the Kampar River.
To continue the data collection by IFRDMD, the team held a meeting with enumerators and fishers in Lubuk Siam Village, Kampar Kanan District, by interviewing fishers about the current fish catch status.
Furthermore, IFRDMD visited the market in Tratak Buluh Fish Market to know the kind of freshwater fish and its price that were sold there.


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