IFRDMD surveys in Palabuhan Ratu, West Java

IFRDMD carried out a survey in Palabuhan Ratu, West Java, on 16-20 April 2022 under the project entitled Sustainable Utilization of Anguillid Eels in the Southeast Asia Region sponsored by JTF VI Phase 2, and Development of stock assessment methods and strengthening of resources management measures for tropical anguillid eel in Southeast Asia sponsored by JAIF.
The team set the fishing gears to trap the elver and yellow eel in the river and monitor the water quality of the Cimandiri and Cikaso Rivers. The aerial survey was recorded using a drone and camera at the river mouth of Cimandiri, Palabuhan Ratu, West Java.
The stock of Anguillid eels in the Cikaso River was observed using hydroacoustic equipment during the day and night to compare the supply of Anguillid eels at both times.


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