IFRDMD Staff Attends “The Inter-Departmental Information Workshop of The SEAFDEC”

On 24th April to 27th April 2018, one of IFRDMD staff attended a meeting “The Inter-Departmental Information Workshop of the SEAFDEC” to discuss about appropriate indicator and available corresponding data in order to improve future monitoring of the implementation of the Information Strategies. Besides, the objective of the workshop is to update the document in order to serve as reference guide, enhance the use of this document in the future, provide further comments in order to harmonize SEAFDEC websites, and suggest on how to improve the respective Departmental website to attract more visitors and enhance SEAFDEC visibility in the future.

The meeting was welcomed by Secretary General of SEAFDEC and attended by two representatives of each department. The participants of the meeting participated actively in giving their opininions in order to provide detail information can be useful in the future. SEAFDEC/Training Department (TD) was suggested to discuss about SEAFDEC brand book like SEAFDEC logo and its usage, letter head, business cards, and template for PowerPoint presentations.

The meeting was closed by Secretary General of SEAFDEC, he showed

 his appreciation to the representatives of the SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments for their substantial recommendations and efforts made in addressing the relevant issues, especially on updating the template for monitoring the Information Strategies, revising the Notes for Editing SEAFDEC Documents, and harmonizing the SEADEC websites, as well as assisting IFRDMD in the development of its website. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the Secretariat of the Workshop for their hard work which led to the success of the Workshop. The meeting’s results are still in drafts because it needs some comments from each department to discuss in their office if there are some changes. Finally, IFRDMD website should have a menu that contains some articles to describe their projects.

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