IFRDMD officers attend the Closing Ceremony of 30th years of the Faculty of Math and Natural Science, Sriwijaya University

The Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD, Dr. Takuro Shibuno, and staff were invited to the Closing Ceremony of 6th Lustrum of the Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences, Sriwijaya University. They were welcomed by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Iskhaq Iskandar., M.Sc., lecturers, alumni, and students. The Deputy Chief delivered a message regarding the support from SEAFDEC/IFRDMD on Inland Fisheries Management in Southeast Asia. He explained the task of IFRDMD that it has the responsibility for keeping the sustainable management and utilization of inland fisheries resources in the Southeast Asian region.
He also donated a book entitled: “The Features of Inland Fisheries in Southeast Asia” and noticed that three of the authors are the alumni of the faculty. He also congratulated the faculty’s achievement and suggested to go to embark on the next phase; the trust to pursue the goals will be greatly contributed to the success of the faculty. The books were also distributed to the programs under the Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences, namely Biology program, Marine Science program, Chemistry Program, and library.
After the ceremony was completed, it was continued with “nasi tumpeng”, a yellow rice platter on the shape of an inverted cone, celebration. This symbolized thanksgiving ceremony of the faculty achievement and its anniversary. The Nasi Tumpeng was handed over by Prof. Iskhaq to the senior lecturers and Deputy Chief, followed by having meal with all participants. (#MAL)

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