IFRDMD meets with SEAFDEC Alternate Council Director for Indonesia

The Meeting between SEAFDEC/IFRDMD with the Chairman of the Marine and Fisheries of Extension and Development of Human Resources Agency/SEAFDEC Alternate Council Director, Dr. I Nyoman Radiarta, was held in Jakarta on 19 January 2023.
The Chief of IFRDMD, Dr. Rudi Alek Wahyudin and Deputy Chief of IFRDMD, Mr. Tomohito Shimizu, delivered the programs of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD budgeted by Japan Trust Fund VI Phase 2 and Japan ASEAN Integrated Fund. Besides, the workplan in 2023 was also discussed by presenting four projects entitled Management Scheme of Inland Fisheries in the Southeast Asian Region, Sustainable Utilization of Anguillid Eels in the Southeast Asia Region, Regional Collaborative Research and Capacity Building for Monitoring and Reduction of Marine Debris from Fisheries in Southeast Asia, and Development of Stock Assessment Methods and Strengthening of Resources Management Measures for Tropical Anguillid Eel in Southeast Asia. In addition, the core team of the SEAFDEC/IFRDMD was formulated as well.
Dr. Nyoman accompanied by the Head of Fisheries Research Center, Ms. Yayan Hikmayani, stated that Marine and Fisheries of Extension and Development of Human Resources Agency supports SEAFDEC/IFRDMD and also supports promoting achievements to gain valuable outputs, and encourages some experts to bolster staff capacity building.
Through the meeting, itโ€™s expected that there will be changes in the work team and better planning of activities so that in the future it can provide significant input for the development of marine and fisheries, especially related to inland fisheries.

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