IFRDMD educated the kids to love of river cleanliness in Patra Tani, South Sumatra

On 27 July 2023, the Research Institute for Inland Fisheries and Extension (RIIFE) in collaboration with SEAFDEC/IFRDMD welcomed Yakesma (Yayasan Kesejahteraan Madani), a foundation engaged in child welfare, with 30 orphans from Patra Tani, South Sumatra.

The children visited Patra Tani’s Smart Fisheries Village, a place dedicated to science and environmental education for the community, particularly on swamp ecosystems and freshwater fish biodiversity, aquaculture, and inland fisheries.

To support Indonesia’s national program in eliminating waste in the waters of rivers, lakes, swamps and reservoirs, with the goal of reducing up to 70% of waste by 2025, Indonesia launched government policies especially the “Bulan Cinta Laut” program by encouraging fishers to collect plastic waste and other wastes in the waters.

IFRDMD took part in educating the kids to love the inland waters, namely rivers, swamps, reservoirs and lakes. The children pledged by marking their handprints as proof that they understand and love the cleanliness of the waters.

RIIFE and IFRDMD staff collected funds and various souvenirs to share with them, and they looked very happy, and returned to their orphanage with excited smiles etched on their faces.



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