IFRDMD convenes the 2019 Semi-Annual Meeting

SEAFDEC/IFRDMD convened its “2019 Semi-Annual Meeting” in Palembang, Indonesia on 6 September 2019. The Meeting aimed to review the outputs implemented since 2015-2019 and ongoing activities conducted in 2019 of the Japanese Trust Fund (JTF) VI projects. Moreover, the Meeting discussed the proposed activities for 2020-2024 under the Japanese Trust Fund (JTF) VI Phase 2 projects.
The Meeting was chaired by the IFRDMD Deputy Chief and Assistant JTF Manager, Dr. Takuro Shibuno, and was attended by researchers, and administrative staff. The two projects of 2015-2019 that were presented and reviewed included “Promotion of Responsible Utilization of Inland Fisheries in Southeast Asia” and “Enhancement of Sustainability of Catadromous Eel Resources in Southeast Asia.” Likewise, for the year of 2020-2024, the study leaders presented two projects, they are “Management scheme of inland fisheries in the Southeast Asian region” and “Sustainable utilization of Anguillid eel in the Southeast Asia region.”

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