IFRDMD continues the anguillid eel survey in Central Sulawesi

On 20-25 January 2022, IFRDMD continued a regular survey of anguillid eels in Poso, Central Sulawesi. This activity is under the project entitled Development of Stock Assessment Methods and Strengthening of Resources Management Measures for Anguillid Eel in Southeast Asia, which is budgeted by the JAIF Eel Project.

The survey aimed to get the catch data of glass eels in the Poso River mouth and the catch data of elver and yellow eels in Pandiri River and nearby Poso River mouth. The catch data were from the fishing gears installed in the waters. Besides, the monthly production data of anguillid eel in the Poso Lake was collected by the enumerator.

In Palu, the team visited the eel processing home industry. Besides, the team discussed with the owner how to promote eel products as highly nutritious foods by producing diverse food, such as fish balls, nuggets, frozen, and grilled. IFRDMD also discussed with the stakeholders about the current situation of anguillid eels caught and the effort to keep the sustainability.

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