IFRDMD conducts an Anguillid Eel survey in Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia

On 4-9 November 2021, the team of IFRDMD visited Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia, to conduct a study of Anguillid Eel. Before starting the survey, the team was accepted by officers of Fishery Service of Cilacap District to arrange activities since the survey also involved them.


On this occasion, the eleven-person team was divided into three groups. The first group obtained the data stock of Anguillid eels in Serayu River using acoustic equipment comparing in the evening and noon. The second group measured the samples for the other routine data to get the length-weight of anguillid eels and other morphometric data. After finishing the activity in the river, both groups measured the target strength value of the eel.


The third group organized a two-day meeting with the women involved in the anguillid eel fishery in Cilacap. On the first day, the meeting was attended by 31 women and eight men besides the local officer and the fisher leader. The team delivered some presentations about gender, continued with guiding the women to fulfill the questionnaire. On the other day, the group also met with the fishers to interview the socio-economic issue. The group had a chance to visit the village that has a traditional eel farm.


Another activity included in the plan was visiting “CV. Bumi Wijaya Indojamu Cilacap.” This growing herbal medicine company that started its business with a passion for preserving tradition is committed to continuously improving its performance and providing the best quality products to the community. Some products are made from eel extract that is highly nutritious, functioning as appetite stimulants, supplements for brain intelligence, speech delay, etc.

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