Mr. Tomohito Shimizu, Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD, was invited by the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Aquaculture, Sriwijaya University, to be a keynote speaker in the Seminar on Sustainable Aquatic Resource Management through Technology for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Era of Society 5.0. The agenda was held in the Student Center Auditorium at Sriwijaya University, Indralaya, South Sumatra, and was conducted in a hybrid format on 11 October 2023.
The agenda was begun with a comprehensive report on the conference’s organization and arrangements by Dr. Ferdinand Hukama Taqwa, the Chair of the Committee and also the Head of Aquaculture Department. It was continued by an opening speech by Dean of Agriculture Faculty, Prof. Dr. A. Muslim, who highlighted the importance of sustainable aquatic resource management and the role of technology in achieving SDGs in the era of Society 5.0. The seminar was guided by Mirna Fitrani, Ph.D., who skillfully moderated the conference.
Mr. Shimizu delivered the presentation entitled Study for the Mangrove Crab in Ishigaki Island. At the same time, the second keynote speaker was Dr. Boby Muslimin, who shared insights on Wetland Aquatic Resource Management.
The questions sparked insightful discussions and provided a platform for knowledge exchange and learning. During the discussion session, Mr. Shimizu was questioned about the possibility of the success and challenges of implementing crab aquaculture technology in Indonesia.
The seminar was a significant event that brought together students and experts to explore and discuss the sustainable management of aquatic resources to provide valuable insights into the future of aquatic resource management in Indonesia.

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