Deputy Chief of IFRDMD conducts work visit in Kaur Regency of Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

From 26 February to 1 March 2023, the Deputy Chief of IFRDMD, Mr. Tomohito Shimizu, visited Kaur Regency, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia, together with the Acting Head of the Research Institute for Inland Fisheries and Extension, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Mr. Rezki Antoni and staff.
During the visit, the team met with the Head of the Bengkulu Provincial Fisheries Office and Kaur Regency and discussed the potential of fisheries in Kaur Regency and its development opportunities.
On that occasion, Mr. Shimizu shared his success story of researching octopus breeding in Japan. Although done with a simple model, it took years to find the formula, and the mating system is still done naturally. Female octopuses that weigh 3 kg and above are most likely to be bred. The local government and community gave enthusiastic response and were very interested in adopting the results.
Mr. Shimizu then appealed to produce the Octopus fishing policies, such as issuing policies on fishing seasons, allowable catch sizes, and types of fishing gear.
The team toured Linau Village, and visited octopus and tuna landing sites, stopped by shrimp farms, and a pier. In addition, the team also had the opportunity to visit tilapia and catfish farms in South Bengkulu Regency, as well as fish auctions and markets in Manna Regency.

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