Inland Fisheries Project is implemented in Riau Province

IFRDMD implemented the project entitled Management scheme of inland fisheries in the Southeast Asian region in Riau Province in June 2022.
On the first day, IFRDMD visited the Fisheries and Marine Faculty of Riau University to discuss and gather information on inland fishery activities in Riau Province that the faculty was concerned. The team was warmly welcomed by the Dean and his staff.
On that occasion, Mr. Tomohito Shimizu, Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD delivered a general lecture in the Fisheries and Marine Faculty of Riau University on 2 June 2022. He presented his experience in Japan entitled “A Release Project on Salmon.” The participants came from the lectures and students from the faculty. Some questions thrown by the participants made the discussion run well, and much knowledge was obtained from the lecture.
The activity continued by visiting Fisheries Service Office in Kampar Regency on 3 June 2022. The team was welcomed by the Head of Captured Fisheries Section and his staff. In this opportunity, some information about women’s roles in the inland fisheries was gathered.
The team visited Sawah Village, an area in the Kampar Regency whose the residents’ livelihood is the fish cultured. The pangasius, tilapia, giant gourami, and pomfret were grown until harvested fish size. The women were also involved in the fisheries activity such as feeding, harvesting, and marketing. The next visitation was scheduled to Kampong Patin, one of the tourist villages in Riau Province, located in Koto Masjid Village, District XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar Regency. Various food products made from catfish (Pangasius sp) are processed in the village. Therefore, it has become a fishery center. It can be said there is no house without ponds due to the fact that almost all residents have catfish ponds. When visiting Kampong Patin, the team observed the private farm of Pangasius sp aquaculture, which is one of the biggest farms to meet the demand for the processed fish in Kampar Regency. The fish are hatched and raised on the farm.

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