IFRDMD conducts the inland fishery survey in Lao PDR

On 20 – 27 May 2018, the IFRDMD’s researchers conducted a research survey in Nam Xouang, Lao PDR, collaborated with SEAFDEC/Training Department. IFRDMD’s team is represented by Dr. Dina Muthmainnah, Mr. Aroef Hukmanan Rais, and Mr. Khoirul Fatah, while the side of TD is represented by Dr. Yuttana Theparoonrat, Dr. Nopporn Manajit, and Ms. Rattana Tiaye. The pointed person guided the research from Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Fisheries Division, Ms. Dongdavanh Sibounthong. This collaboration activity has the purpose of improving the capacity building of researchers of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD by SEAFDEC/TD by doing the research entitle Facilitating Fisheries Activity Information gathering through the introduction of community-based resources management/co-management.

Besides involving the TD’s activity, IFRDMD also studied the statistical data and information gathered regarding the capture inland fisheries in Lao PDR. IFRDMD also observed the actual fish catch monitoring and interviewed the fishers and trained the enumerator. The enumerator will serve to gather the daily data on weight-length and other necessary information on fisheries activities. As an additional activity, IFRDMD also conducted the research in Nam Ngum Reservoir on the last day. By interviewing the fishers, IFRDMD got the feature of fishery activities in this area. (#dina_mth)

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