A Regular Survey of Sustainable Management and Utilization of Inland Fisheries Resources

2022 is the third year of the project entitled “Management scheme of inland fisheries in the Southeast Asian region.” IFRDMD conducted a regular survey in Patratani, South Sumatra, Indonesia, on 18 January 2022. In this location, the pilot model for fisheries management for flood plain ecosystem, which is called “SPEECTRA”: Special Area for Conservation and Fish Refugia, was developed.

As a continued study, this survey is aimed to measure the water quality and evaluate the results of SPEECTRA to the subsequent management chosen. IFRDMD, in collaboration with Research Institute for Inland Fisheries and Extension, is continuing to collect the data of length and weight of fish, fish composition, and water level of pools. Besides, the IFRDMD team also observed some parameters that need to add in this year.

Since this observation is conducted in the rainy season, the color of water in the pools of SPEECTRA looked different from the dry season. Now, the color seems greyish because the water from the river comes to the pools.

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