IFRDMD holds the in-house training on inland fisheries data visualization using R software

IFRDMD held the in-house training on inland fisheries data visualization using R Program in Palembang, on 25-28 November 2019. This training has the objective of assisting the researchers in analyzing the data collected from the field. R programming offers to analyze the data that help build visualizations with minimal code and flexibility.
Mr. Kamaluddin Kasim, the researcher from Research Center for Fisheries, Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Indonesia, invited as the Trainer. The participants were the researchers who have the responsibility for data collection in the field from IFRDMD’s activities. During the training, the participants involved in active discussion, and analyzed the data from study results entitled “Promotion of responsible utilization of inland fisheries in Southeast Asia” and “Enhancement of sustainability of catadromous eel resources in Southeast Asia.”
Mr. Kamaluddin taught how to set the data by cleaning, sorting, and filtering; import and export data, design the GGPlot data visualization and make the animation. The training also learned to analyze the SPR, CPUE, and MSY using R programming.
Deputy Chief of IFRDMD, Dr. Takuro Shibuno, conveyed his great appreciation to Trainer and expected the participants could get the learning from this training. Dr. Takuro also looked forward to the researchers to produce the scientific paper after analyzing the data. (MA)

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