Eel Catch Sampling Survey in Indonesia

Under the project entitled “Development of stock assessment methods and strengthening management measures for tropical Anguillid eel resources in Southeast Asia,” funded by JAIF in 2024, IFRDMD continued surveys in Poso, Central Sulawesi, and Palabuhan Ratu, West Java, in January to March. As a control measure for the continuing research for better data quality, monthly data of the eel capture at all phases (glass, elver, and yellow) and water quality measures are collected.
Eel catch data was recorded by installing fishing gears to catch the yellow eel and elver in the mouth river of Poso, Pandiri River, and Tentena River in Central Sulawesi. Meanwhile, fishing gear to catch glass eels and elvers was set up in the Cikaso and Cimandiri Rivers in Palabuhan Ratu, West Java. The data collection was supported by enumerators who recorded data on eel catches. The SEAFDEC Secretariat participated in the survey as well.
The stock of glass, elver, and yellow eels in these places was then determined by analyzing the data that was collected.

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