Deputy Chief of IFRDMD Gives Public Lecture to Students

On 14 November 2023, Mr Tomohito Shimizu, Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD gave a public lecture to the students of Politeknik Ahli Usaha Perikanan Jakarta (Jakarta AUP Polytechnics). Mr Shimizu delivered a presentation on “Mangrove Crab Study in Ishigaki Island”. There were 100 participants who attended the public lecture which was a combination of face-to-face meetings at the Pasar Minggu Campus, Jakarta and online meetings.

The event was opened by Mr Andi Soesmono, representing the Agency for Marine and Fisheries Extension and Human Resources Development of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF). In his speech, Mr. Andi also expressed the commitment in supporting MMAF’s strategic program based on blue economy through two breakthrough programs, namely VOGA (Vocational Goes to Actor) and SFV (Smart Fisheries Village) development.

Deputy Director I, representing the Director of Jakarta AUP Polytechnics, thanked IFRDMD for the initiation in organizing the public lecture, which will open the students’ insights into aquaculture and organizational activities.

In his presentation, Mr Shimizu said that Ishigaki Island is a model where mud crab farming not only has a positive economic impact, but also an environmental one, where the presence of mud crabs can improve water circulation and essential nutrients in the island’s mangrove areas. An important innovation to be inspired: a simple RAS system for crabs, can be developed for crab farming in mangrove land, if utilized in mangrove land, crab growth can be faster than in nature, which is 1 year. He also motivated the students that the key to successful research is to conduct field observations to get optimal research results.

The meeting agenda that lasted for half a day was maximally utilized by the students with various questions asked to fulfil their curiosity and job opportunities from aquaculture activities.

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