Common Snakehead (Channa striata)

Common snakehead has a wide distribution from South Asia, Southern China to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, the local names of this fish are bocek (Riau), aruan, haruan (Melayu), kocolan (Betawi), bogo (Sunda), bayong, bogo, licingan (Banyumas), kutuk (Jawa), and kabos (Minahasa). This fish has labyrint organ so that it is able to be adaptive to the environment by burying themselves in the mud as water dries.
This fish has a high nutrition content. Based on Suwandi from Bogor Agricultural University, the protein content of common snakehead is 25.5%, is higher than milkfish-Chanos chanos (20.0%), common carp-Cyprinus carpio (16.0%), snapper (20.0%), even sardines- (21.1%). Common snakehead is very rich in albumin, one of protein for human body. Albumin is useful for wound healing process.
Common snakehead has high economic value. The fresh common snakehead is usually sold as a protein source for rural communities, especially those close with wetland or river area. Common snakehead soup-pindang ikan gabus, is a one of the popular dishes in South Sumatra. The soup is cooked with various herbs and certain spices to make it delicious and healthy flavor.

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