Chief IFRDMD Attended the 147th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting and Visiting the University of Illinois at Chicago

Fulfilling the invitation of the American Fisheries Society, Chief of IFRDMD attended The 147th Annual Meeting which was held in Tampa, Florida on 20-24 August 2017. The American Fisheries Society is the oldest and largest organization in the world which focused on strengthening the fisheries sector, advancing fisheries, and conserving fishery resources. The meeting discussed the latest issues and developments in fisheries science. More than 2000 participants attended the meeting..

On the sidelines of the event, also held limited meetings with potential partners/donor agency (ACIAR and USAID) for fish passage project in Southeast Asia. This meeting became a good way for SEAFDEC/IFRDMDโ€™s institutional and research promotion. The USAID Fish Passage project in collaboration with ACIAR is planned to be manage by SEAFDEC/IFRDMD with Cambodia and Vietnam as research sites.

The Chief also made a visit to the University of Illinois, Chicago on 28-29 August 2017. One of the destination was to visit The Field Museum, both to the fish collection and display rooms for the dissemination of results. During the visit, Chief met the curator of The Field Museum and discussed the potential of inter-agency collaboration. There, officers point out things related to fish collection (fish preservation, backlog, catalog and public data base). #SAP

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