A knowledge-sharing activity for college students

Together with the Research Institute for Inland Fisheries Research and Extension, 12 staff of IFRDMD held a knowledge-sharing activity for students of Jakarta Technical University of Fisheries, PGRI University Palembang, and Muhammadiyah University Palembang on May – June 2024. A total of 27 students, 16 female and 11 male, gained knowledge related to freshwater fish activity.

The materials presented included an introduction to inland fisheries and fisheries extension, the basics of fish genetics, freshwater fish identification techniques, an introduction to various types of fishing gear in inland waters, benthic and plankton sampling techniques and their analysis, water quality measurement techniques, fish farming techniques, and the utilization of remote sensing technology for aquaculture. The learning process is conducted in the classroom and laboratory, direct observation is performed in the field, and games are used to facilitate the acceptance of knowledge.

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