IFRDMD was established in 2014 as the Fifth Technical Department of SEAFDEC. Located in Palembang, Indonesia, IFRDMD would be responsible for conducting activities to support sustainable development and management of inland capture fisheries in the Southeast Asian region. Activities of IFRDMD also cover development of methodologies for data collection, monitoring and assessment of inland fishery resources to provide scientific basis for development and management of fisheries.


The Inland Fishery Resources Development and Management Department consists of a Chief, a Deputy Chief and Department staff.

The Chief is responsible for the administration and operation of the Department. Deputy Chief supports the Chief. In case of Chief’s vacancy, absence or inability to act, the Deputy Chief shall act as the Chief. Under the Chief, there are the following Divisions and Sections:

1. Administration and Finance Section

This section is responsible for providing administrative support to the Department including general services and maintenance of the Department buildings and research facilities. It will also be responsible for all the financial administration of the Department. The Administrative and Finance Division shall comprise the General Affairs Section and the Finance Section.

2. Research and Development Section

These sections are responsible for the implementation of research and development activities on inland fishery resources. The activities include inland fishery biological studies, fishery limnology studies; fish stock assessment and resources exploration as well as fishing gear selectivity studies. Shared stocks of fish resources and conservation of endangered species; research on fisheries policy and management are also conducted by the department. The Research Sections comprises the Biology and Resource Assessment; Fishery, Limnology and Resource Enhancement and Fisheries Policy and Management.

3. Technical Services Section

This section is responsible for library and dissemination, data center and laboratories operation including research programs conducted in the laboratory. The Laboratories comprises Chemical Laboratory, Hydrology Laboratory and Fish Biology Laboratory. Moreover, this section will be responsible for the compilation, collation and dissemination of information and provide management advice on the exploitation, management and conservation of the inland fishery resources of Member Countries.